Call answering

Call answering is when we look after your initial business enquiries while you go about your normal role. Sometimes call ‘virtual receptionist services’ these services allow you to carry out your normal job without the worry of being disturbed by the phone ringing.

Why use a call answering serviceImage showing call answering

Answering the phone while on a job can be costly and sometimes dangerous. But what about those missed calls? It is difficult to find that right balance while you are working. True, you can leave it to voicemail but many people will simply not leave a message and will just call the next company. Very few people do not speak when the phone is answered by a real person. Call answering is a real viable option. Here the call is answered in your business name and we have the time to spend on the call. Giving information and chatting to your potential new client while you carry on undisturbed in your job. We give full attention to your customers while you give full attention to your work. This results in a huge rise in confidence in your product, services and a lift in your professionalism. A real win win situation…..

Bespoke call answering service for what you want.

image for bespoke call answeringThe Old Clink Business Solutions offer bespoke call answering packages that we can tailor for your businesses needs without spending ridiculous amounts of money. Whether you are a small business or a medium sized business, you tell us what you want out of your call answering and we will do our best to ensure that we can cater for your needs. We are very flexible! No matter how large your company is, we believe that you need more than just a call answering service.

When we have knowledge of your business and how you want your business run, we then would feel like an extended member of the company as we will know regular customers/clients, diary management and prices of products if that is what is in your bespoke virtual receptionist package.

We at The Old Clink Business Solutions believe that having bespoke services is a lot more cost effective than having different call packages just to get what you want or even a full time front of house receptionist.

What we offer within our bespoke call answering service

    • Number supplied; this means that we would give you either a local number or an 03 number depending on what you would prefer and what we could get. There is no extra charge for this due to it being included in your call answering package.
    • Calls answered in your business name; we would answer the phone with your business name. This would mean that we would act as an extended member of your team.
    • Professional answer; at The Old Clink Business Solutions we make sure at all times we answer the phone in a professional manner to ensure we keep up with the reputation of your business.
    • Details taken; if any details need to taken i.e. phone number, date of birth etc. we make sure they are taken with full confidentiality. The only people that would know is us and you.
    • Your company info shared; we make sure that your company info is shared so you can have your company spread out and most likely, by word of mouth.
    • Prices of products etc; we would give out prices of products and services over the phone if needed so customers/clients will know prices. If it is a specific job, we would get a member of the team out to the problem as soon as possible.
      You tailor what you want us to say; we will answer the telephone as you acquire us to.
    • Appointments; if you go for the full call answering package, a diary would be set up for your business then we would be able to book in appointments.
    • Email reminders; we can send out emails at a set time to remind customers/clients of booking/appointment time and date.
    • Text reminders; we can send out texts to remind customers/clients to image for ringing phone answeredremind them of when their booking/appointment is.


We believe we have the best call answering service for your business making your life easier so you feel the difference……………….