Marketing Solutions can include many headings and services. Below are a summary of some of our services that we already carry out for our clients. They are not exhaustive as we Image for marketing solutionspride ourselves on our ‘can do attitude’. Many of the services below were requests from clients as we were so successful in other services they asked us to include them, so we did and we did it well.

What we could do for you;

Social Media; we can set up social media business pages for you on any of the social media platforms. we can advise on the best social media to use as some do not suit all business. It is important to get the correct social media marketing solution to suit the business. We can handle all updates for you too so you can relax at the end of the day. You just give us brief details and let us do the blogging and cascading your business to the world.

Google AdWords; we will create Google Adword campaigns on your behalf. Looking at the best keyword searches for your business and service. Many people have found they have wasted a lot of money on Adwords and have asked us to carry out a campaign. This has substantially reduced their bill and improved the success from customers booking.

Advertising marketing solutions

Advertising material; There are many forms of advertising material we can help image showing advertising marketing solutionwith. Sometimes you may just need advice or maybe let us come up with a design and source stuff for you. We have produced in the past items like the ones listed below.

Livery; we can create the striking logos etc. to go on to your work vehicles to make you seen and well known.

Personalised business cards: or leaflets to suit your business; we will create the logo to match your business, also we will create double sided business cards to maximise marketing potential and space. Business cards are one of the oldest marketing solutions going and is still the best if you remember to hand out the business cards regularly.

Personalised Stationery; to have your business logo on; we can also supply you with pens, mugs and other goods with your logo on etc.

Online chat to help customers; One of our most successful marketing solutions is image for live chat marketing solutionsthe online chat software we use on websites. This online chat will be answered by one of our staff in the office for customers to make enquiries, book services and make payments etc.

Content writing; good content rich in keyword phrases is essential to the success of your website. We will write content for your website using your keywords and checking with Google the relevance in search engines. Sometimes we’ll suggest alternative keywords that we can see would have greater effect for you and any other information you give us.

QR codes; we can create a QR code to go on to the company stationary, business cards, vehicles etc. that customers can scan that will take them directly to your website.

Blog; we will create a second domain relating to your website where we will post updates, work, etc. This is a great marketing solution strategy that and adds links back to the main website.

Social media feeds; on website; we can add these feeds to your website so anything you post on social media will appear in these feeds as it happens.