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Are all websites the same? Well yes and no. When you choose a website there is more behind it than what might first appear. Now that may not be helpful but the following article goes on to explain what you need to consider.Image on how to choose a websiteThe majority of websites in theory are the same, If you look at them on face value. Many look pretty and have words and pictures. The client looks at them and says ‘wow’ and from what can be seen they are all showing the same qualities. This face value is how many choose a website. I am talking of professionally built websites. Many of the sites I see on the ‘build your own servers’ are quite shocking and very poorly laid out. The rest of this article will also show the many weaknesses of the home build website too.

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image for marketing to the modern worldWhile advertising through traditional media is far from dying out or being replaced, the advent and recent proliferation of online marketing options means that businesses today have far more options on how to spend an advertising budget. What is more, unlike traditional print media, radio or even television advertising, where there are inherent costs of production and broadcast, online advertising is far more accessible to the small business owner due to the low associated cost.

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